Medford History

Medford, N.Y. -- History  (Unincorporated village & CDP)


--  General

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-- Biography


--- Bishop, Staff Sgt. Keith [Patchogue High School graduate, kia in

           Afghanistan, with U.S. special forces; recipient of bronze star, U.S.

           Army Medal of Commendation for Valor, among other recognitions]

---  Fullerton Family (Hal, Edith, Eleanor), Peace and Plenty Farm,

            LIRR Experimental Agricultural Station No. 1, Medford, L.I.;           

            Long Island Rail Road and L.I. Publicity

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---  Adolph Hoffman

  • "Adolph Hofmann Dies; A Leader in Medford."  Patchogue Advance, April 5, 1940:  pp. 1-2.
  • "'The Father of Medford' Dies" [captioned photo].  Patchogue Advance, April 12, 1940:  n.p.

---  Rosolinsky, Martin  [social worker]

  • Vestal, Joy.  "Martin Rosolinsky."  Newsday, July 21, 1995:  p. A 30.

--  Agriculture


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  • "Sugar Refining Possible?:  Successful Production of Raw Material on Long Island Demonstrated."  Long Islander, April 17, 1914:  p. 7.
  • "L.I. Farm Boys, Prizes.  Leaders in Fullerton Cauliflower and Corn Contest Announced."  Long Islander, February 5, 1915:  p. 6.
  • "Soil and Climate O.K.:  The Long Island Sugar Beet Club for 1915."  Long Islander, February 12, 1915:  p. 6.

--  Boy Scouts of America.  Suffolk County Council

           [Headquarters, Medford, NY]

-- Canine Companions for Independence

-- Cowboys  [Country Acre Farms]

  • DeLatiner, Barbara.  "L.I. Cowboys Show Stuff."  New York Times, December 14, 1975:  p. BQ LI 148.

-- Equine Escape

-- Firefighting History & Medford Fire Department

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  • "Fires on Long Island" (from the Evening Post).  Long Islander, May 16, 1845:  p. 2. -- Sarted by sparks from a railroad engine, east of Medford Station, opposite Patchogue...woods in flame for over a week, from Medford Sta. nearly to Farmingdale, among other fires.
  • [Fire].  (Sag Harbor) Corrector, July 21, 1849:  p. 2. -- dry grass and brush fire, near Medford Station, spread 2-3 mi. in length x 1-3 mi. in width, spreading toward Millville and Swezey's Mills.
  • "Medford Station."  South Side Signal, June 1, 1872:  p. 2.  -- Herosim of LIRR engineer, John Baker, who on seeing 2 large cordwood logs ahead lying across the tracks, quickly uncoupled his engine, used it as a battering ram, successfully dislodging the obstruction, clearing the way for the passenger cars, while he, in the derailed engine, rolled down a 10' embankment, and survived, to be rewarded $100, by appreciative passengers, whose lives he saved  
  • Smith, Henry. "Middle Island & Coram"  South Side Signal, September 23, 1876:  p. 2. -- Reports the woods at Medford Sta. set afire from a passing train [probably sparks from the smokestack, then a common occurence], which "burned over a large tract of territory"; with gratitude to Selden residents who turned out, fought the fire and put it out. 
  • "Two Woods Fires."  Mid-Island Mail, August 28, 1935:  p. 5.

-- 4-H Club


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  • "Medford 4-H Girls Mark Valentine's Day and Lincoln's Birthday; Reveive Award."  Patchogue Advance, February 19, 1948:  p. 9.


-- Haven Drugs, Murders at, 2011 

-- Health

--  History, 1920-1929

  • "Medford:  56.1 Miles from New York." In  Long Island, The Sunrise Homeland.  New York, NY:  Issued under the auspices of the Long Island Chamber of Commerce, 1927:  p. 63.
  • The Meteroric Rise and Fall of the Medford Scout Library: 1927-1930, 2nd ed., comp. by Mark Rothenberg (Patchogue-Medford Library.  Celia M. Hastings Local History Room)

-- History - Vietnam War, 1961-1975

-- Medford Post Office

  • Medford Post Office, Suffolk County, New York (U.S. Postal Service.  Postmaster Finder:  Postmasters by City)
  • "A new mail route is proposed from Medford to Port Jefferson, so as to take in Rocky Point."  Brooklyn Eagle, February 25, 1878:  p. 3.

-- Medford Station (Long Island Rail Road)

            See also   Biography - Fullerton Family (Hal, Edith, Eleanor)

                           Firefighting History 

  • "Opening of the Long Island Railroad to Medford Station (Patchogue), Fire Place & Carman's Riv[er].  Brooklyn Eagle, June 25, 1844:  p. 1.   -- Patchogue was accessible by stage coach, buggy, horse, or, a long walk, Fire Place is the former name of Brookhaven village, and Carman's River featured a popular hotel, mill, and storied fishing, that attracted the likes of Daniel Webster.
  • "Sunday Train."  Brooklyn Eagle, June 29, 1844:  p. 1. -- Train schedules, ticket prices, additional fare for paying on the train [some things never change, except for the price], and stage coach connections, running north and south of the line, as officially posted on June22nd.
  • "Road to Medford Station (Patchogue), Fire Place & Carman's Riv."  Brooklyn Eagle, July 1, 1844:  p. 1.
  • "Long Island Railroad -- 4th of July Excursion to Medford Station (Patchogue), Fire Palce, and Carman's River."  Brooklyn Eagle, July 3, 1844:  p. 3.  -- Medford Station now became a featured destination. 
  • "Long Island Railroad Co.:  Opening of the Long Island Rail Road to Medford Station (Patchogue), Fire Place & Carman's Riv."  Brooklyn Eagle, July 19, 1844:  p. 1.  -- Just in case you hadn't heard; fairly detailed summary, providing the general schedule, Sunday schedule, ticket fares, and stage coach connections to various places, officially dated June 22nd.
  • "Long Island Railroad Company -- Spring Arrangement."  Brooklyn Eagle, April 24, 1845:  p. 2.
  • "From Brooklyn Depot; From Greenport Depot; From Hicksville Depot."  Brooklyn Eagle, May 26, 1845:  p. 3.
  • "From Farmingdale Depot; From Jamaica Depot."  Brooklyn Eagle, June 18, 1845:  p. 3.
  • "Change of Hours."  Brooklyn Eagle, November 8, 1845:  p. 1.
  • "Long Island Railroad -- Fall Arrangement" (Travel).  Brooklyn Eagle, October 10, 1846:  p. 3.
  • "Leave Brooklyn; Leave Greenport; Leave Farmingdale; Leave Jamaica."  Brooklyn Eagle, February 4, 1847:  p. 3.
  • "East Long Island Correspondence.  Scenery After Leaving Farmingdale (Otherwise Hardscrabble), Huntington and Babylon; Deer Park; scenery at the "stations"; West Hills; Medford, Yaphank, and St. George's Manor; Practicability of Cultivating the Wild Land Here; Stopping at Riverhead; &c."  Brooklyn Eagle, [1849?]:  [n.p.].
  • "Departure; Freight Trains; Returning."  Brooklyn Eagle, September 4, 1850:  p. 3.
  • "Freight Trains; Returning."  Brooklyn Eagle, October 19, 1850:  p. 1.
  • "Opposition Nominations."  [Sag Harbor] Corrector, October 23, 1850:  p. 2.  -- NYS 2nd Assembly District meeting at Medford Station, nominations, resolution
  • "Long Island Rail-Road" [special Jenny Lind concert excursion].  [Sag Harbor] Corrector, May 21, 1851:  p. 3.
  • "Swindler with Hypnotic Powers:  Poses as a Doctor and Operates on Long Island.  Steals Money and Valuables from Women in Country Places -- One Victim's Experiences."  New York Times, July 16, 1902:  p. 3.
  • "Trains Won't Stop at Medford."  Port Jefferson Record, January 16, 1915:  p. 1. -- Despite residents' requests, the NYS Public Service Commission turns them down, suggesting that they make their appeal directly to the Long Island Rail Road. 

-- Medford Sanitorium (Medford Tuberculosis Sanitorium for Working

             Men and Women)

--- L.I. Vertical File Sampler:

  • "Union Men to Build a $50,000 Hospital:  Brooklyn Body Wins Consent to Build One for Tuberculosis Patients Near Medford, L.I.; On a Site of 65 Acres:  Approval of State Health Commissioner Won Over Objections of Town Board -- Open to General Public."  New York Times, July 5, 1909:  p. 3.
  • "Sanitorium at Medford:  Tuberculosis Hospital for Brooklyn Children to be Opened  this Summer."  Patchogue Advance, July 4, 1913:  n.p.
  • "Sanitorium Opens:  16 Children Now Located at Medford Institution."  Patchogue Advance, August 15, 1913:  pp. 1, 9.
  • "100,000 for Sanitarium:  Anonymous Endowment Gift for Medford, L.I., Institution."  New York Times, January 15, 1914:  p. 6.
  • "The Medford Sanitorium."  Patchogue Advance, July 3, 1914:  n.p.
  • "Tuberculosis Sanitariums."  Suffolk County News, October 16, 1914:  p. 4.
  • "Medford Sanitarium:  An Admirable Institution Maintained for Organized Labor."  Suffolk County News, May 17, 1915:  p. 2.
  • "Nurse from Medford in Auto Crash." Suffolk County News, July 20. 1917:  p. 2.  -- She was driving a sanitorium car with 2 passengers, patients.
  • "Held on Forgery Charge.  Health Official Accuses Collector for Sanitarium."  New York Times, August 26, 1923:  p. 17.
  • "Cottage Hospital Changes Ownership:  Miss De Young, Superintendent of Medford Sanitarium, Took Over Business on May 1st."  Port Jefferson Echo, May 5, 1927:  p. 1.
  • "$500 Left to [Eamon] de Valera in Will of Ex-Labor Chief."  New York Times, July 23, 1935:  p. 2. -- and a $200 bequest went to the Medford Sanitarium
  • "Dr. Frederic McCrea" [obituary].  New York Times, November 13, 1949:  p. 93.

-- Medford Scout Library

--  Murders and Murderers


--- L.I. Vertical File Sampler:

  • "A Clever Arrest:  Fred Netscher, Wanted for Murder, Caught on Sunday:  He Formerly Lived Here; Officer George Hutchinson of District Attorney Greene's Staff Located Him at Medford -- Killed Mrs. Helen McVetty in Brooklyn Aug. 18th."  Suffolk County News, October 16, 1914:  p. 1.
  • "Murderer Caught."  South Side Signal, October 16, 1914:  p. 4.

--  Newspapers

  • About the Mid-Island Mail (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941 (Library of Congress.  Chronicling America:  Historic American Newspapers and National Endowment for the Humanities)
  • Mid-Island Mail [microfilm].  Medford, NY:  Mid-Island Mail
  • Mid-Island Mail [searchable, digital version, 1935-1941 (entire run)] available online via Suffolk Historic Newspapers (Courtesy of the Long Island Advance; as part of a collaborative project of Suffolk Cooperative Library System and participating member libraries) 

-- 9/11 (Tenth Anniversary)

-- Revitalization Projects

-- Street Names

         See  History - Vietnam War, 1961-1975 [above]


-- Turkish Cultural Center, Long Island  [Deer Park, NY]