Historic Buildings & Sites (Patchogue, NY)

[List in early progrress, drawn from L.I. -- Patchogue Vertical Files]


     Note:  Though Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities' SPLIA Historic

                 Structure, Building-Structure, Historic and Natural District, & Archeological Site

                 Inventories were conducted for East Patchogue, North Patchogue, and Medford (as

                 well as nearby Bayport, Blue Point, Bellport and Brookhaven, and across

                 L.I.), no inventory was conducted of the village of Patchogue, itself.


--  Algonquian Restaurant   [N.E. Corner of S. Ocean Ave. & Smith Street]


--  [George M.] Ackerly Block   [West side of S. Ocean Ave., N. of Terry St.]


--  Ackerly Building   [built 1924]    [83 East Main St.]


--  Antique Clock   [in front of Patchogue-Medford Library]

           [54-60 E. Main St.]


--  Baker Homestead   [Baker St., next to Village Hall]


--  Bandshell   [replica of 1964-65 World's Fair bandshell; demolished, 2006]


--  Bartlett House [hotel]   [W. Main St., frame building, immediately W. of Swezey & Newins, ca. 1900,



--  "Brightwood"  [on a large estate of Kate L. Gilbert, on E. Shore of the Patchogue River]  [S. Ocean Ave.]


--  Brookhaven Town Hall (1901-2003)

            [S. Ocean Ave. & Baker St.]


--  Canfield House [actually the Tiger Family-John S, Havens- John J. Craven-James A. Canfield

            -Tuthill Family Homestead-WW II U.S.O.-Patchogue Elks Lodge; demolished 2001]

            [East Main St., just W. of Medford Ave.]


--  Caranicus House  [29 Maiden Lane]


--  Carnegie Library  [built, 1907-08, occupied by Patchogue Library, later Patchogue-Medford

            Library, 1908-1981, by Briarcliffe College, 1981-1998; abandoned, 1998-2012]  

            [10 Lake St., 1908-2012; moved to Supreme Ct. Building parking lot, 2012]


--  Case Homestead

            [E. Main St., near Case Ave., roughly opposite Evergreen Ave.]


--  Cliffton Hotel / House

            [huge, near foot of Bay Ave,]


--  Clinton Rink-Old Lyceum Building  [built 1883, originally facing E.-W.; later turned N.-S.to

             accommodate shops below, apartments above, following its use as the Old Lyceum]

             [E. side of S. Ocean Ave., N. of Terry St.]


--  Colby Cottage / House & Cow Barn [later, Ice Cream Parlor]

             [Baker St.; later S. side of Smith St., E. of S. Ocean Ave.; became historical society

             property; moved to Patchogue Beach Club, 2001] 


--  Congregational Church of Patchogue  [latest of several locations]

             [E. Main St.]


--  DeFillipo House  [built 1892]

             [moved from Railroad Ave to Taylor Lane, in 2006, to make way for Copper Beech Village



--  Ehman House

             [300 Medford Ave.]


--  Fishel Building  [destroyed by fire, 1956]

             [W. Main St.]


--  Gas Lamp  [street lamp]


--  Gateway Plaza


--  Halcyon Manor [hotel; adult care facility]

           [380 Bay Ave.]


--  Hart's Tavern  [Joshua Hart owned a house, no longer extant, on W. Main St. [believed to be

             just W. of the Rice Cemetery in the Lakeview Cemetery complex], according to the

            1790 U.S. Census, where, according to newly minted U.S. President, George

            Washington, in his diary, he had lunch on April 22nd, en route from Sagtikos Manor (Bay

            Shore), through Coram then to Roe's Tavern in Setauket, where he spent the night; during

             his whirlwind tour of L.I., during an escape from the pressures of precedent

             -setting decision-making (of which he was keenly conscious), office and favor seekers.]


--  S.A. Hawkins House  [also, at different times a hardware store, cigar store(replete with wooden

           Indian), oysterbar, and Chinese laundry; prior to its abandonment]

           [corner of Main St. & Havens Ave.; largely destroyed by fire, and demolished in 1991]


--  Flora Mae Hicks House  [info. missing]


--  Holzer Building  [constructed 1938, over original Patchogue High School site]

           [E. side of S. Ocean Ave., abutting LIRR tracks]


--  Charles Zebulon Howell House  [built 1889, by Emerson Terrell; demolished?; site of what later

           became the Patchogue P.O.]; [172 East Main St.]


--  Eva Howland House

           [24 Gerard St.; moved to Maple Ave., off Main St., in August, 1985; to make room for an

           office building at prior location]

  • "Moving Her Memories in a Pact with Progress."  Newsday, August 16, 1985:  p. 23.

--  Jail, Patchogue Village [demolished, 1964]  (a/k/a "Hangover House") [Lake St.]

  • "Former Jail Will Become History."  Main Street Press, Oct 9, 1964:  [p. 1?].

--  [Judge Walter H.] Jaycox House  [E. Main St.]


--  Jennings House [396 W. Main St.]


--  Howard Johnson House  [yes, the restaurant/hotel chain owner's house; demolished, 1951,

           with his consent]

           [E. Main St. & Potter Ave.]


--  Ketcham Homestead-Lossee House  [demolished 1960]

           [E. Main St.]


--  Knickerbocker Ice House  [built ca. 1894; burned to ground, November 1984; demolished 1997]

           [Corner of Rider Ave. & Academy St., near LIRR tracks]


--  [Former] Knights of Columbus Hall [built 1930] -VFW Hall [patly the rear wing of the former

           Patchogue High School Building, of a much earlier date]

           [S. side of Academy St.]


--  A. Lambert & Co. Bldg.  [info. missing]


--  Losee House

           [69 Roe Blvd. W.]


--  Patchogue Village Jail ("Hangover House")   [2-cell brick building, demolished, ca. 1964]

           [Lake St., behind old firehouse]


--  E.R. Van Nostrand House [burned to the ground, July 1949]

           [foot of Bay Ave.]


--  C.T. Lowndes House

           [225 E. Main St.]


-- [Old] Lyceum  [S. Ocean Ave.; initially, briefly a roller rink, in 1883, it was converted for use as a theater, later (before 1890)

            being turned 90 degrees to face the road, lower story containing businesses, upper, rentd apartments]


--  [New] Lyceum Theatre  [former location of Congregational Church, inc. part of that bldg.; later

           divided into two buildings, to become an asbestos factory, then Lake St. Apartments]

           [N. side of Lae St., just W. of Reeses 1900]


--  Masonic Temple   [burned down, 1974]

           [W. Main St., just W. of the Patchogue Bank, in 1974, Island State Bank]


--  Mills Building  [earlier Hammond & Mills, after Fremont Hammond and Jesse C. Mills]

           [S.E. corner, Main St. & Ocean Ave. (4 Corners)]


--  Municipal Pool & Admin. Bldg.  [opened, 1933, closed 1987; admin. bldg. demolished, 1989;

           replaced by "Old Museum Building" moved from 560 S. Ocean Ave., 2001; new bldg.

           included new pool manager's office, first aid station, bathrooms and changing

           facilities, rendering it no longer a museum]


--  Murals


--  New York Telephone Co.   [1918]

            [S. Ocean Ave.]


--  100 N. Ocean Ave  [Granati dental office]


-- "Old Museum Building  [sse also Municipal Pool (above)]

           [560 S. Ocean Ave.; later moved to Maiden Lane]



           [Maiden Lane]