Hollywood & History in AMC’s Turn: Some Readings & Contexts

Hollywood & History in AMC's TURN

[The Setauket Spy Ring], Some Readings & Contexts


General  -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

        See also  Andre, John (& Benedict Arnold)

                       Brewster, Caleb

                       Codes, Secret


                       Roe, Austin

                       Strong, Anna Smith

                             Sympathetic Stain ("white ink")

                             Tallmadge, Benjamin

                       Townsend, Robert

                       Townsend, Sally

                             Washington, George

                       Woodhull, Abraham


"To Anacreon in Heaven" / Anacreontic Song [of the Anacreontic Society, written 1776, published 1779 -- Sung, in part, in Episode 8 of AMC's TURN

Andre, John & Benedict Arnold

          See also  General Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

                         Simcoe, John Graves

                         Raynham Hall

                         Townsend, Sally

                         Townsend, Robert

                         Woodhull, Abraham

The American Revolution as a Civil War

The American Turtle (early submarine)

Association, Letters of    [these might be what is meant in episode 9 by "The Petition"]

Beaumarchais, Pierre August Caron de

Blue Point, NY

Brewster, Caleb

Brewster Family

Brookhaven (NY : Town)


Civil vs. Military Government

Clinton, Sir Henry (Commander, British Forces, North America, 1778-1783)

          See also   Andre, John (& Benedict Arnold)

                               Simcoe, John Graves

Codes, Secret

            See also    Setauket Spy Ring

                              Sympathetic Stain

                              Washington, George

Coram, Burning of the Forage at

           See   Tallmadge, Benjamin


Corporal Punishment, Military

Culper Spy Ring

          See  Setauket Spy Ring


Churchill, Elijah  [recipient of the first purple heart, for actions on Long Island]

           See also   Fort St. George

                            Fort Slongo

                            Tallmadge, Benjamin

Committees of Safety

             See also  New York (State).  Committee and Commisions to Detect and Defeat Conspiracies

  • New York (The Middle Colonies).  (Committees of Protection, Correspondence and Safety)

Culpeper County, Va.

        See also  Washington, George  

  • Surveying (George Washington's Mount Vernon) -- see esp. the 5th paragraph

Danbury Raid, 1777

Dayton, Ebenezer

DeLancey, Oliver  (commander, DeLancey's Brigade)

Dragoons, 2nd Continental Light

            See also  Tallmadge, Benjamin

                                Whaleboat Warfare

  • Our Past  (Second Continental Light Dragoons "Sheldon's Horse")


East Hampton (NY : Town)

  • East Hampton (NY : Town).  Bicentennial Committee.  East Hampton and the American Revolution, ed. by Frances Colley and Norman Reader.  [East Hampton, NY:  The Committee], 1976.  LI REF 973.33  O’SULLI

Duer, William

           See also  Sackett, Nathaniel


        See also  General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

Franklin, William  [last Royal Governor of New Jersey; Benjamin Franklin's estranged natural son]

           See  Fort Franklin


Fort Franklin

        [Named not after Ben, but William Franklin, ousted royal Governor of New Jersey, a leading Tory]

        See also  Setauket, NY 

Fort Golgotha

        See also  Huntington (NY : Town)

Fort St. George

         See  Tallmadge, Benjamin


Fort Slongo [Slonga, or Salonga]

  • “The Battles of Fort Slongo.”  Suffolk County Archaeological Association Newsletter, Spring 1985:  pp. 5-6.
  • Fort Slonga (NYS.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  NYS Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center)
  • LeBoeuf, Randall J., Jr.  "Whaleboat War and Fort Salonga."  Long Island Forum, 39(1) January 1976:  pp. 10-12.
  • Loyal Refugee Volunteers:  Rebel Attack on Fort Slongo  (Online Intstitute for Advanced Loyalist Studies)
  • Loyal Refugee Volunteers:  Prisoners, Ordnance & Military Stores Taken at Fort Slongo (Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies)
  • McCarthy, Mary.  “History is Her Fort” (Long Island:  Our Story).  Newsday, n.d.:  p. 144.
  • Page, Susan.  “1781:  While the British Drank, Slongo Fell.”  Newsday, June 8, 1975:  p. 9.

Fort Setauket

       See also  Setauket, Battle of, 1777

                       Setauket, NY

  • Fort Setauket  (New York State.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  NYS Military Museum and Veterans Research Center)
  • History  (Setauket Presbyterian Church) – during the Revolution, fortified, desecrated, used as a stable

Forts, British

         See also under names of various forts

  • Roberts, Robert B.  “The Long Island Forts:  Sag Harbor Fort, Fort Setauket Oyster Bay Encampment, Fort Franklin, Fort St. George, Fort Slong, Fort Golgotha,  Nassau and Suffolk Counties.” In  New York’s Forts in the Revolution.  Rutherford, NJ:  Farleigh Dickinson University Press, 1980:  pp. 243-255.  NY REF Storage; REF Storage  974.703  ROB

Forts at Sag Harbor

         See   Meigs, Return Jonathan

                  Sag Harbor, Battle of , 1777


Floyd, William (Signer of the Declaration of Independence; of Mastic, NY)

        See also  Brookhaven (NY : Town)  -- includes a section that includes frequent mention of Floyd

Gardiners Island

Guy Fawkes Night/Guy Fawkes Day

Hale, Nathan

           See also   Halesite

                         Huntington (NY : Town)

                               Rogers, Robert

Halesite, NY

          See also  Hale, Nathan

                        Rogers, Robert

Hempstead (NY : Town)

  • “Town of Hempstead in the Revolution.”  In The Roots and Heritage of Hempstead Towned. by Natalie A. Naylor, prepared under the auspices of Hofstra University.  Interlaken, NY:  Heart of the Lakes Publishing, 1994:  pp. 109-121.  Non-Fiction; Circ. Storage; LI REF  974.7425  T-HEMP ROO
  •  McKenna, James M.  "The Hempstead Plains:  A Capital Field for Military Exercises, 1700-1898."  In  Nassau County:  From Rural Hinterland to Suburban Metropolis (Hofstra University.  Long Island Studies Institute), ed. by Joann P. Krier and Natalie A. Naylor.  pp. 143-149.  Interlaken, NY:  Empire Books, 2000. 

"Hessians"  [A collective misnomer for mercenaries, hired from various German states, not only from those of Hesse, generally wearing (Prussian-influenced) blue or black (Brunswick), and occasionally greenuniforms, for jaegers)  

Hewlett, Richard

Howe, Richard ["Black Dick"], Earl, 1726-1799  (Admiral, British Invasion Fleet, 1776-1778)

Howe, William, Viscount, 1729-1814  (Commander, British Forces, N. America, 1776-1778)

            See also  Andre, John

                            Lee, Charles

                            Washington, George

Hull, William [Major, then Lt. Col. in the Revolutionary War; Brig. Gen. in the War of 1812]

Huntington (NY : Town)  -- then included what would later become the Town of Babylon

           See also   Fort Golgotha

                         Hale, Nathan

                         Rogers, Robert

                         Thomson, Benjamin

Invisible Ink

          See    Jay, James

                    Sympathetic Stain

                    Thompson, Benjamin

                    Washington, George


Islip (NY : Town)


·       Book One of the Minutes of Town Meetings and Register of Animal Ear Marks of the Town of Islip, 1720-1851, transcribed, annotated, and indexed by Carl A. Starace, Town Historian.  [Islip, NY]:  The Town, 1982:  see original pagination 47-57 (on copied pages 34-43), covering 1775-1783, for the “Precinct of Islip”   LI REF  T-ISLP  ISL


Jay, Sir James  [John Jay's brother; inventor of invisible ink]

          See  Sympathetic Stain  ("White Ink")


Kings American Dragoons

          See also  Thompson, Benjamin

Kings College [later Columbia University]

Kings County (Brooklyn)


·    Burrows, Edwin G.  "The Ordeal of Kings County."  In The Other New York:  The American Revolution Beyond New York City, Joseph S. Tiedemann & Eugene R. Fingerhut, eds.  Albany, NY:  State University of New York Press, 2005.  

·       Onderdonck, Henry, Jr.  Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk and Kings Counties; with an Account of the Battle of Long Island, and the British Prisons and Prison Ships at New York.  New York:  Leavitt, Trow and Company, 1846 (Internet Archive)  -- full text, searchable

·       Stryker-Rodda, Harriet Mott.  Indexes to Onderdonk’s Revolutionary Incidents of Long Island, N.Y. (Published 1846 & 1849).  [s.l.:]  Privately Printed, 1974.  LI REF 974.721  R-LI-4


Lee, Charles

Long Island 

         See also  Kings County, Queens County and Suffolk County

         See also under  Names of towns and villages

Long Island [or Brooklyn], Battle of, 1776

         See also  New York-New Jersey Campaign, 1776 

Long Island Indians

Longwood Area (of Suffolk County) -- Coram, Middle Island, Ridge, & Yaphank

Loyalty Oaths [to the British Crown]

Manor of St. George  

          [Note:  Judge William "Tangier" Smith built colonial manor houses on both the north south shores of L.I.  The

          latter was fortified by Tories, and taken by a U.S. raid, during the Revolution]


          See   Setauket, NY         

                   Tallmadge, Benjamin



Meigs, Return Jonathan

           See also  Sag Harbor, Battle of, 1777 

New York-New Jersey Campaign, 1776

        See also  Long Island [or Brooklyn], Battle of, 1776

New York City

New York (State).  Committee and Commission for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies

           See also   Committees of Safety

                         Sackett, Nathaniel

North Hempstead (NY : Town)

Oyster Bay (NY : Town)

         See also    Townsend, Robert

                           Townsend, Sally

                           Simcoe, John Graves


Parsons, Samuel Holden

         See also  Setauket, Battle of, 1777

Prisoners and Prisons

         See also  Torture

Prisoners and Prisons, American

Prisoners and Prisons, British & Hessian

           See also  Simcoe, John Graves


           See also  Women

Roe, Austin

Rogers, Robert

         See also    Hale, Nathan

                          Queens American Rangers

Queens American Rangers

        See also  Rogers, Robert

                       Simcoe, John Graves


Queens County [during the Revolution, included the 2, then 3, towns that form present day Nassau Co.]

Sackett, Nathaniel

           See also  Duer, William

                         New York (State).  Committee and Commission for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies

Sag Harbor, NY

          See also   Meigs, Return Jonathan

                          Sag Harbor, Battle of, 1777

Sag Harbor Forts

          See  Sag Harbor, Battle of, 1777 


Sag Harbor, Battle of, 1777

          See also  Meigs, Return Jonathan

                             Sag Harbor, NY

  • Sag Harbor Fort (NYS.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  NYS Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center) 
  • Underhill, Lois Beachy.  Old Burying Ground  (Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce)

Scott, General Charles (1733-1813)

Setauket, NY

       See also  General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

                      Fort Setauket [fortified and desecrated Presbyterian Church]  

  • Abrams, Arnold.  “Family Honors Patriot Spies.”  Newsday, July 4, 1988:  p. 6.  – “Tangier” Smith-Strong Family, of St. George’s Manor, Setauket
  • Adkins, Edwin P.  “The Middle Years.”  In  Setauket:  The First Three Hundred Years, 1655-1955,  325th Anniversary ed.  Setauket, NY:  Setauket-Brookhaven Tercentennary Committee; Three Village Historical Society, 1955, repr. 1980:  pp. 29-54.   Non-Fiction; LI REF; Circ. Storage 974.725  V-SETAKT ADK
  • Associated Loyalists Report of Activities, June 17, 1781 (Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies)  -- Sachem's Head, CT-Setauket, NY raids
  • Barstow, Belle. “Setauket and the Revolution.”  In Setauket’s Religious Beginnings, with Epitaphs from the Presbyterian Church. Smithtown, NY:  Rost Associates, Inc., 1984:  pp. 65-80.   LI REF  974.725  V-SETAKT  BAR
  • A Brief History of the Caroline Church  (Caroline Church of Brookhaven)  -- Episcopalian
  • Hevesi, Dennis.  “America’s First CIA:  Couriers, Whaleboats and Anna Strong’s Laundry” (Long Island:  The Way It Was).  Newsday, [n.d.], 1976:  pp. 17-18, 20.

Setauket, Battle of, 1777

       See also    Fort Setauket

                        General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

                              Setauket, NY

Simcoe, John Graves, 1752-1806   

         See also   Andre, John (& Benedict Arnold)

                               Clinton, Sir Henry

                         Queens American Rangers

Shelter Island (NY : Town)

  • Griswold, Mac.  "The Doors."  In  The Manor:  Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island.  New York:  Farar, Straus and Giroux, 2013:  pp. 261-275.  
  • Lamont, Helen Otis.  The Story of Shelter Island in the Revolution.  [s.l.]:  Shelter Island Historical Society, 1975.  Circ. Storage; LI REF  974.725  T-SHIS  LAM

Smithtown (NY : Town)



Southampton  (NY : Town)  -- then included what would later become the Town of Riverhead

  • Howell, George Rogers.  “During the Revolutionary War – Occupation by the British – Personal Incidents – Colonies – Soldiers in the Slaveholders Rebellion.”  In Early History of Southampton, L.I., New York, with Genealogiesrev., corrected, and enl., 2nd ed.  Southampton, NY:  Yankee Peddler Book Co., 1887:  pp.  68-86.  Non-Fiction  974.725  HOWELL

Southampton Old Fort

          See also   Southampton (NY : Town)

  • Southampton Old Fort  (NYS.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  NYS Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center)

Southold (NY : Town)

Star-Spangled Banner

         See  "To Anacreon in Heaven" / Anacreontic Song


Strong, Anna Smith

        See also  General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

  • Anna Smith Strong Chapter, NSDAR, Setauket, Long Island, New York  (The Chapter)
  • Strong, Kate Wheeler.   "Nancy's Magic Clothesline."  Long Island Forum, 18(2) February 1955:  p. 37.  -- According to Anna Smith Strong's great-great-granddaughter (Kate Strong), a black petticoat on the line meant that Caleb Brewster had arrived.  The number of handkerchiefs on the line, from 1-6, indicated at which of six numbered landing places Abraham Woodhull could find Capt. Brewster.  Also relates how Tory relations helped save her imprisoned husband, Selah Strong, who had to flee to Connecticut for safety, afterward.
  • Strong, Kate Wheeler.  “In Defense of Nancy’s Clothesline.”  Long Island Forum, 32(7) July 1969:  pp. 138, 140.
  • Weil, Lisa.  “Nancy’s Clothesline was a Secret Spy Link” (Petticoat Patriots).  Newsday, October 28, 1957:  43.

Strong, Selah

Suffolk County, NY

Supply and Logistics

         See also  Prisoners and Prisons, American

Sympathetic Stain  (or "White ink")

        See also   Codes, Secret

                        Setauket Spy Ring

                        Washington, George

Tallmadge, Benjamin, 1754-1835

          See also  Dragoons, 2nd Continental Light

                          General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

                                 Whaleboat Warfare

Tallmadge Raid, 1780

       See  Tallmadge, Benjamin


Thompson, Benjamin  [later Count Rumford]

            See also  Fort Golgotha

                         Huntington (NY : Town)

                               Kings American Dragoons

Townsend, Robert

          See also   General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

                                  Oyster Bay (NY : Town

Townsend, Sally

          See also  General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

                          Oyster Bay (NY : Town)

Torture  [Is it more about then or trying to justify now?]

           See  Prisoners and prisons



             See also  General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

Washington, George

          See also  General -- Setauket Spy Ring

                          Prisoners and Prisons [includes G. Washington's policy on torture]

                                Sympathetic Stain

Webb, Samuel Blachley

Westchester County

           See also  Tallmadge, Benjamin

Whaleboat Raids [Privateering & Piracy]


           See also  Strong, Anna Smith

                              Townsend, Sally

Woodhull, Abraham

          See also  General -- Setauket (Culper) Spy Ring

Woodhull Family

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