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Attention High School, Undergraduate and Graduate students!


The truth about getting your degree is that the paper diploma won’t necessarily get you the paper money. What sets you apart from your many competitors is the experience you bring to the interview. If the only thing on your resume, besides your Undergraduate degree, is your customer service experience from your part-time job you might be interested in this list composed to help beef up your resume.

Many of these internships are available on Long Island or NYC. Some even offer payment! Though, if they aren’t paid they most likely offer college credit. Another reason for applying to internships is the fact that many undergraduate students don’t always know what they want to do after school. So, if you’re having trouble finding your niche within your major, choosing an internship might help show you what professional opportunities are available to you.

Also, check out some helpful tips and the short list of local community organizations that will be great experiences for you while you work on your degree.


30 Internships for All Interests

1. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art:

                      High School

                    Undergraduate and Graduate

3. MOMA:

Undergraduate & Graduate 

4. NFL

5. NBA

6. MLS: NY

                     Other Locations


8.Z100 Or

9. Madison Square Garden internships for MSG Sports, MSG Media and MSG Entertainment

10. BLI

11.New York Historical Society:

High School

                College and Graduate

12. Media Recording Studios

13. Sony

14. Google

15. Adidas

16. Nike

17. Apple

18. GE

19. Smithsonian

20. Library of Congress

21. UN

22. Marvel

23. Writers & Poets

24. Abercrombie & Fitch

25. Paramount Pictures

26. ABC Network

27. NBC Universal

28. NYC Citywide Administrative Services

29. Brookhaven National Lab

30. Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation

While you’re searching and applying for internships you can also be helping your community. Here is a short list of volunteering opportunities around Long Island.

1. LIcares

2. Big Brother, Big Sister 

3. Habitat for Humanity

4. Ronald McDonald House Long Island

5.United Way of Long Island


Other tips!

1. If you live on campus be an RA! It pays for your housing and shows leadership on your resume.

2. Start thinking about saving money now and in the future. Check out this article by Forbes, “10 Best Money Tips for College Freshman.” Also, know that late and missed payments on credit cards, student loans or car payments don’t fall off for 7 years!

3. Consider a double major opposed to a major/minor & elective combo.

4. Ask your professors if they know any colleagues who would be willing to take you on as an intern. This might be an easier way to get experience while your in school than applying to a big company (it might also count toward class credit).

5. This is a great list that applies to all undergraduate students, 42 College Tips I Learned Freshman Year.

6. Try to work on campus because it probably pays the same as your part-time job but looks better. (This is a great idea if you live on campus!)

7. Don’t buy a car unless you absolutely have to! Try to keep your bills down as much as possible so you can focus on classwork.

8. ALWAYS think ahead! You might be 18 now but that cap and gown is right around the corner.

9. Here are some Tips for College Students on Pinterest!

10. Ask your librarians for help! We don’t believe in stupid questions, we’ve done our time in school and we will always help you find the information you need! :)


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