Sign-up for Lock-in begins Wednesday


Sign-up for the library’s Genealogy Lock-In, featuring guest speaker Thomas W. Jones, will begin Wednesday, April 1.

Dr. Jones will be presenting:
Can a Complex Research Problem Be Solved Solely Online?
Overcoming Research Barriers: A Case Study
Solving Problems with Original Sources
Solutions for Missing and Scarce Records
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Tuesday Will Be Here Before You Know It! New Books for All!


In bestselling writers this Tuesday we highlight two rhyming and long-lasting authors – Steve Berry and Anne Perry. Berry is out with the tenth book in his Cotton Malone series, The Patriot Threat. Just in time for the April 15th tax deadline, Malone is tasked with tracking down secret documents that may call into question whether the federal income tax is in fact legal. For her part, Anne Perry is out with the 30th volume (!) in her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Victorian mysteries, The Angel Court Affair. Here our couple is charged with protecting Sofia Delacruz, a young evangelical preacher. In spite of their best efforts, Sofia is kidnapped, and then our couple finds out that she was holding some delicate information that could shake the British Empire to its knees. The Pitts need to work fast to track down the kidnappers and rescue Sofia.

Sara Gruen, of Water for Elephants fame is back with her newest novel, At the Water’s Edge. Once again going back in time to create a compelling setting, Gruen sets her latest in the remote Scottish Highlands during the Second World War. She writes a poignant love story about a young, society woman who is exiled from America and must learn to leave her privileged life behind and face reality, dealing with monsters which are both metaphorical and all too real.

For non-fiction readers, two titles of particular interest are Jon Ronson’s, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed and Between You & Me by Mary Norris. After three decades in the New Yorker’s copy department, Mary Norris has earned the right to be a grammar scold and she offers practical advice on where to put those commas and the difference between who and whom, but she also leads us on a wise and witty tour of the language and how it is being used in modern America. Jon Ronson on the other hand, is concerned with the concept of public shaming. If you thought that went out with Hester Prynne and her scarlet letter, Ronson shows you how you are mistaken. In our modern world full of manufactured outrage and controversies, with all too many Internet sites available to express those outrages, Ronson looks at both the shamed and the shamers, wondering how these events effect the lives of those involved long after their 15 minutes of notoriety have passed.

Genealogy TV show to continue tomorrow

Sean Hayes will be featured tomorrow, March 29, on the genealogy television show "Who Do You Think You Are." It will air on the TLC channel at 10 p.m. The future celebrities featured in the show will be: April 5 - Tony Goldwyn April 12 - … [Continue reading]

Money for Life

Who needs more money now? Most of us do!  How often do you think: if only I had a little more cash, I could do something really great with it?  In our next Money for Life workshop, find out how to have better credit and more money for things that … [Continue reading]